Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Planting Seeds in Washington DC

Here in DC we've had some changes in the past seven months. Along with moving to the city, learning a new job, and adjusting our roles as Kristen and I figure out what it means to be co-directors we've been changing up some things at our housing site. On a typical Monday morning in the fall we decided we would do housing projects. We cleaned out some closets, got rid of some paint that had gotten a little past it's prime, moved some office furniture around, and went through our files. This was helpful but seemed like our list of things we wanted to work on was longer than the amount of Mondays we had to devote to our projects.

New life brings new energy and excitement to things. When the spring staff arrived at the beginning of February we started to tell them of some of our projects and ideas; and they started to dream. They have helped us transform their living space, our food room, and create a kids resource area to help out with groups who come to work with kids in DC. It's really exciting to walk into the office and see what transformations have taken place.

Now that they are in full swing of hosting spring groups I am thankful to know that God has given them hearts to refresh those around them. Just like they came into our housing site and helped breathe new life into our space, they are breathing life into groups as they show them around the city and the ministry partners they are serving. Their hearts are full of excitement for God and learning about His Kingdom. I've watched them as they have loved one another, our sites, and our city well. The groups have been blessed by their guidance and strength.

It's exciting as cherry blossoms are starting to bloom, the cold winter is leaving us behind, days are getting longer and sunnier that there is also sprouts of God's love shooting up in our office and our city as groups and staff come and plant more seeds this spring.

-Robyn Elmore, Washington DC City Director

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