Tuesday, April 12, 2011

People Care

One of my favorite ministry sites is Mean Street Ministries. They are a team of people who go up and down Colfax Ave twice a week visiting with homeless individuals and families living in cheap motels. We go to the doors in teams of three offering burritos, pastries and resource guides. It always amazes me how eager some families are to visit and share about their week and even their struggles.
I took my OU group to serve with Mean Street while they were visiting. The last door I knocked on with my team was an older couple. The husband, Mike*, came out onto the balcony to visit with us for a while. He shared how he was fighting cancer and how he was losing the battle. His pain was so tangible. Mike was open for us to pray with him and so we held hands and took turns praying together. We were saying our goodbyes and I was standing close enough to hear Mike sigh and under his breath say, “Wow, people care.”
I’m always so honored to join Mean Street on their outreach nights. They are a ministry with a reputation of showing love as Christ did...by being people who care.
-Keysha Boggess, CSM Denver City Director

*name changed

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