Friday, April 15, 2011

Lessons Learned in Los Angeles

The following is a great list of things one recent CSM Los Angeles participant learned while serving in the city....

"CSM forces you to reach out to the homeless and to know them as people. That is a good thing. I also learn that the homeless often look like you or I. The program is successful at putting a face on the faceless. You also learn about the good that is going on in the city.

Prior to the trip, I had a burden for the poor. That burden is strengthened and I developed a strong resolve to take action.

I would recommend this trip to my friends for those who are searching for God’s will or for those who have some burden for the poor already. This trip doesn’t conclude with possible action steps. It is more up to you and how God leads you. I would say this program is not just for college students. I think it is just as applicable or maybe even more so for adults who likely have more of the goods of the world than the young people. But for college students, the experience may guide them in their career or job choice. There really is something here for everyone."

Thanks for serving and sharing, Don!

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