Friday, April 29, 2011

Why Young People Are Leaving the Church: Wealth= Who Needs God?

Check out the following video by a youth leader who's served with CSM...some great things to think about!

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nothin but net at CSM Philly!

One of the great things about CSM Philly is our relationship with the neighborhood that our housing site is in. In order to be better neighbors we want to clean up our back lot. We hope to pave over the lot and install a basketball net to benefit both the groups that serve here and the neighborhood kids. The whole project will cost $3,000. We have already secured a $1,000 grant, so all we have to do is raise the remaining $2,000 and we’ll be shooting hoops in no time! If you would like to donate to the Lot Project, please go to and specify that you are donating to the "Philly Lot Project". Thanks so much for your support!
-Kelsey Erickson, CSM Philadelphia Associate City Director

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Every City, Every Block

The NY Times recently came out with a cool resource - mapping the entire United States based on the new Census information. Check it out...
You can look at maps based on Race & Ethnicity, Income, Housing & Families, and Education. Cool stuff!
Has your neighborhood changed since the last census?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Urban Missionary Reaching out from New York

Juan Galloway, president of NYC Relief has a cool blog on working as an urban missionary:
Also, his newest newsletter is a photo issue - great stuff!
-Tracee Henneke, CSM New York City Director

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Lessons Learned in Los Angeles

The following is a great list of things one recent CSM Los Angeles participant learned while serving in the city....

"CSM forces you to reach out to the homeless and to know them as people. That is a good thing. I also learn that the homeless often look like you or I. The program is successful at putting a face on the faceless. You also learn about the good that is going on in the city.

Prior to the trip, I had a burden for the poor. That burden is strengthened and I developed a strong resolve to take action.

I would recommend this trip to my friends for those who are searching for God’s will or for those who have some burden for the poor already. This trip doesn’t conclude with possible action steps. It is more up to you and how God leads you. I would say this program is not just for college students. I think it is just as applicable or maybe even more so for adults who likely have more of the goods of the world than the young people. But for college students, the experience may guide them in their career or job choice. There really is something here for everyone."

Thanks for serving and sharing, Don!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Planting Seeds in Washington DC

Here in DC we've had some changes in the past seven months. Along with moving to the city, learning a new job, and adjusting our roles as Kristen and I figure out what it means to be co-directors we've been changing up some things at our housing site. On a typical Monday morning in the fall we decided we would do housing projects. We cleaned out some closets, got rid of some paint that had gotten a little past it's prime, moved some office furniture around, and went through our files. This was helpful but seemed like our list of things we wanted to work on was longer than the amount of Mondays we had to devote to our projects.

New life brings new energy and excitement to things. When the spring staff arrived at the beginning of February we started to tell them of some of our projects and ideas; and they started to dream. They have helped us transform their living space, our food room, and create a kids resource area to help out with groups who come to work with kids in DC. It's really exciting to walk into the office and see what transformations have taken place.

Now that they are in full swing of hosting spring groups I am thankful to know that God has given them hearts to refresh those around them. Just like they came into our housing site and helped breathe new life into our space, they are breathing life into groups as they show them around the city and the ministry partners they are serving. Their hearts are full of excitement for God and learning about His Kingdom. I've watched them as they have loved one another, our sites, and our city well. The groups have been blessed by their guidance and strength.

It's exciting as cherry blossoms are starting to bloom, the cold winter is leaving us behind, days are getting longer and sunnier that there is also sprouts of God's love shooting up in our office and our city as groups and staff come and plant more seeds this spring.

-Robyn Elmore, Washington DC City Director

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

People Care

One of my favorite ministry sites is Mean Street Ministries. They are a team of people who go up and down Colfax Ave twice a week visiting with homeless individuals and families living in cheap motels. We go to the doors in teams of three offering burritos, pastries and resource guides. It always amazes me how eager some families are to visit and share about their week and even their struggles.
I took my OU group to serve with Mean Street while they were visiting. The last door I knocked on with my team was an older couple. The husband, Mike*, came out onto the balcony to visit with us for a while. He shared how he was fighting cancer and how he was losing the battle. His pain was so tangible. Mike was open for us to pray with him and so we held hands and took turns praying together. We were saying our goodbyes and I was standing close enough to hear Mike sigh and under his breath say, “Wow, people care.”
I’m always so honored to join Mean Street on their outreach nights. They are a ministry with a reputation of showing love as Christ being people who care.
-Keysha Boggess, CSM Denver City Director

*name changed

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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Re-Development or Destruction of Urban Art?

Graffiti hub in Long Island City, Queens may be getting a makeover, this work of art will definitely be missed if the redesign goes through. Check out the article...

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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

North Park Students Serve with CSM in Los Angeles

This past spring break, a group of students from North Park University (Chicago, IL), served with CSM in Los Angeles. Check out this great article about their experience!

Read more articles from different groups across the nation!

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