Monday, October 02, 2006

Where do you see God working?

Where do you see God working?
(reflection written by group leader from Kansas)

Through the comforting of a crying child at VBS. She was hurting and many of us provided a shoulder to cry on and a hug. She needed the healing touch and God provided it through our group.

Through the testimony of Joe* at the Harbor Lights Salvation Army. His willingness to share all aspects of his bad choices and the effects of those choices and God working on him through others and when he turned his life around was spirit-filled and full of hope.

Through the spirit of helping of our FirstLight group not only to those we served at ministry sites, but between those in our group. The willingness to share resources, serving each other as we got out of the van….offering an ear / shoulder or prayers to those who needed it any anytime. We practiced what we ministered to each other.

I saw God continue to work through our group long after we left Houston. None of us were willing to go back ‘to the way it was’ before the trip. All of us are looking for ways to continue God’s mission in Gardner, the Kansas City area and the world. We were all forever changed by this experience and we plan to continue this here in Kansas and globally.

*name changed for privacy

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