Monday, October 09, 2006

Changes in LA's Skid Row

Over the past six months, the city of Los Angeles has been trying to address the problem of Skid Row (a 10X10 block area where 15,000 homeless people live). They have taken many steps in the past few months to do so. Most recently the LAPD has decided to have 50 police officers on the streets of Skid Row to help control drug trafficking and robberies in the neighborhood. This has been a really good thing for Skid Row because there has been less crime in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, though there are good things going on, the police have also been under some criticism because of some of the unjust measures they are taking to crack down on some of the problems in Skid Row.

Currently the city of Los Angeles has laws that prevent the homeless from sleeping on the streets and the LAPD have been arresting some of those people sleeping on the streets. The American Civil Liberties Union has been standing up for the homeless and recently filed a lawsuit against the city because there aren't enough shelter beds or resources to help the homeless that sleep on the streets. So, the city is still trying to address the homeless problem in Los Angeles and Skid Row, but not always justly. Pray for the LAPD and the city council to develop plans that are just and that give the homeless a voice. Also, pray for the homeless who sleep on the streets everyday, that they may eventually be able to have to have shelter and place to live.

- Jon Vales, CSM LA co-City Director

Read an article from the LA Times about the latest on Skid Row.

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