Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We Made This!

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Since November, I have been spending about two days a week at the African Community Center working with the We Made This program.  WMT is a sewing initiative program that teaches refugees that have resettled in the Denver area how to sew.  The products they make are sold at bazaars, online on etsy, and at a thrift store here in Denver that hires refugees.  

WMT is a great program helping them learn English as well as employment skills and gaining confidence.  It has been awesome to get to work with these ladies and learn from them.  I help with a once a week tea time we do with the ladies.  It is so much fun having a group of people who all speak different languages come together and communicate- often times laughing and hand gestures are involved.  We practice English and spend time in conversation.  

A huge part of my time at WMT is dedicated to helping get the word out and figuring out how to market the products.  I have been running the Etsy site, and found a photographer to come in and take photos so I can put together a lookbook to reach out to new retailers.  Rachael, who runs the program is an amazing lady and I have been learning so much from her.  She has given me a lot of freedom and creativity and has given me responsibility on things that I have never done before, so it has been exciting! Check out the website if you want to learn more. 

If you are interested in purchasing any products they are available on our Etsy page.  The ladies make reversible aprons, bags, baby onsie dresses and more. Check out the beautiful products!

- Julie Sullivan, CSM Denver Apprentice

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