Monday, May 06, 2013


The new year has brought many new opportunities for us here at CSM Boston, one of which being more visibility in our area. This spring was a particularly exciting time of the year for me here at CSM Boston as it not only marked my one year anniversary of opening up CSM Boston, but also being able to meet and serve with many groups from in and around the Boston area that came to serve with us this Spring. 

It's hard to think back to this time last year as I was still in the planning stages of preparing for a busy summer. Since then, we have had some 420 people step through the door here, hearts on fire and ready to serve the Lord in the city! 

This Spring we were blessed with half of our groups being local, some of them had gone on previous trips to some of our other cities and were excited to here that we had opened up a site in Boston and others had never heard of CSM before and were able to experience a life changing trip during there time here in Boston. Local groups are very exciting to me as they  get to do something unique here that many other groups don't get to do and that is be part of a continuum of ministry that will most likely take them back to many of the ministry sites they were able to serve at during their trip with us. These students have the opportunity if they chose to come back to the city, week in and week out, even after their trip has ended, to serve and show the love of Christ here in Boston. 

There's nothing I enjoy more than seeing a groups leader at the end of their time at a ministry site asking for contact info so that they can come back and serve again and instead of hearing what are normally final goodbye's, hearing "Good bye...and We'll See You Again Soon!" 

- Chris Nazareth, CSM Boston City Director

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