Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Food Stamp Challenge

I recently ran across this article on where the author took the "Food Stamp Challenge" - to live on $30 worth of food that would be covered by food stamps for a week.
What stuck out to me was not the lack of affordable fruits and vegetables or limited variety in food options, but how in only one week the author was already feeling the social effects of being on a limited budget.
"It's clear food has been on my mind more than usual this week. I think when you have a limited budget and fewer choices; you’re forced to do more thinking and planning around meals. I’m so very conscious, too, of all the things I have to forego. I can’t just grab a coffee or go to dinner with friends. I feel a bit isolated. Not having enough money for food affects not just your mood and health, but also your social life."
Could you take up the same challenge?  How would it change your life and eating habits?

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