Thursday, September 29, 2011

Words of Encouragement from a Ministry Partner

Atlantis Community Center is a center for adults living with disabilities that we work with in Denver. They have many programs from helping people relocate from nursing homes into independent living, wheelchair repair and their Learning Center. Our groups will work in their community garden as well as spend time with the clients in the learning center. Here is a note we recently received from the staff:
"I just want to make sure you all know how much we appreciate what you do.  I about cried everytime I looked at the yard and saw what the Texas group did.  Then St. Louis was here and pulled all the weeds out of the river rock and spent time in the Learning Center with clients.  Amazing folks you have.  This has been a really hard year for us; I can't remember ever needing help like this before, so you group has been my rainbow.  Please make sure they know what a valuable service they provide."
-Keysha Boggess, CSM Denver City Director 

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