Friday, August 07, 2009

Wreck Your Life. Serve in the City!

The trips are life-changing experiences. How do I know? My own life has been “wrecked” by what I saw and encountered on my own CSM trips during high school. I discovered poverty in my own country as I taught VBS in a shelter. I put a face on homelessness when I was forced to find out someone’s story and their needs, and not just settle for giving them a handout and walking away. I heard testimonies from drug-addicts. I ate food from countries that I never even knew existed. But most of all, my own pride was pierced when I saw that I had much more to learn from the people of the city than I ever thought I had to teach them. As I met people with nothing materially yet rich in Christ, I saw my own spiritual poverty for what it was. And that made me crave the faith I saw in them, and to want to live my life for Christ not only one week of the year in another city, but also back home in my own community. This is the lesson I hope every person who comes through our organization learns, so that the impact is greater than just DC but our whole world.

-Kristen Erbelding, CSM Washington DC Associate City Director

Get your life "wrecked" on a CSM trip!

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