Monday, June 02, 2008

"A Prayer"

For the heart to work among the poor, God this I ask.
For the courage to stand for what is right, God this I ask.
For the spirit to lead those who come, God this I ask.
For the perseverance to continue working when I am tired, God this I ask.
For the rest that I will lack, God this I ask.
For the strength to make a difference, God this I ask.
Gracious and loving God, grant me the ability to see the unseen.

The ability to hear the unheard.
The ability to love the unlovely.
The ability to befriend the friendless.
The ability to understand the misunderstood.
The ability to serve the underserved.
The ability to feed the unfed.
The ability to comfort the uncomfortable.

Allow me to see Your light in the darkness, Your grace in the mistakes, and Your love in the hatred.

I pray that I may be their servant, that I may be as Christ to them.
I pray that I might have the grace to let them be my servant too.
For we are all pilgrims on a journey,
We are brothers and sisters on the road,
We are here to help each other walk the mile and bear the load.
Help me to weep when they are weeping; when they laugh, I will laugh too.
Help us share both joy and sorrow, until we've seen the journey through.

God of all, I pray that your love may shine through me on those I meet.
I pray that I see you on the street.

-Jason Horrell, CSM Toronto City Host Summer 2008

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