Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lessons of Humility

At the beginning of this summer, I was reading the book "Humility" by Andrew Murray. It convinced me that the #1 virtue is humility, because only with humility could God work through you and with God comes all good virtues. And so, I thought, this summer will be the perfect way to learn such a thing as humility. The weeks went by, and yes, God did use many situations and stories to break me down and to build in me a compassion for the folks I serve. Not only that, I have been trying to look at them as more significant than myself (Phillipians 2:3) and realizing that they may have things to teach me and ways to serve me no others could.
Now there is a struggle with an old virtue I seek very much and having the mind to be humble. The old virtue is to be authentic. Now sometimes I don't feel authentic while trying to be humble. With this inauthenticity comes barriers between people I interact with. I can't seem to connect well! So I decided to drop the faces and just act like myself. As I got to really connect with everybody, confidence built. With confidence, slight arrogance (an old lurking sin in my life) start appearing. What a battle!! It's so hard to keep balance, EH!? So how on earth is God going to humble me this summer? He always has His ways. This week, the potty got clogged and overflowed. Take a guess at who's assigned to clean the washroom? I had to suck it up and be a servant and do something I had no desire to do. God always has His ways. Keep it real. Keep it humble. They can come hand in hand.
-Lindsay Tsang, Toronto CSM City Host Summer 2006

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