Monday, June 26, 2006

Moving Beyond First Impressions

This past week we had two different groups, one was from Michigan and the other from Illinois. There were a few members of the teams with some misconceptions about the homeless. I would like to share a story about a member from the Illinois group and how this person was able to move past some of the barriers and step outside their comfort zone. This member went to a drop-in center every other day during the week they were in Toronto. On the first day they saw a guy who looked kinda '"shady" and began to give some mean looks and refused to talked to him. The next time they came to the drop-in some of the other team members were playing cards with the guy who looked "shady". This member decided that since the other group members were playing with him, that they too would attempt to go against the first impression and talk to this guy. Not too long into the conversation this team member realized how their first impression was incorrect and they began to have an incredible time simply getting to know this man. This member was stretched throughout the week and responded amazingly to experiencing God through different people.
-Holly Fledderjohann,
Toronto CSM City Host Summer 2006

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