Friday, March 31, 2006

CSM Experiences!

Look what we've stumbled upon!
"For that past week or so, 19 missioners from our church were sent to serve in downtown Washington, D.C. with the Center for Student Missions. They served in senior adult centers, homeless shelters and kitchens & helped run a day camp WITH the Glorious Church, a small, struggling, all-black congregation (just to name a few of the places)..." Click here to read on!
Anyone else have a good CSM experience they want to share? Email us! We love to hear your stories!


CSM said...

Here's another cool post from a former CSMer...

Anonymous said...

I added three DC photo albums (see right-hand column of my blog) now that you are forwarding people to my site.

We look forward to our CSM Chicago trip this summer!

Mark Bushor
Crossroads Church

CSM said...

Here's another CSMer :)