Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Why Mission Trips Are a Waste of Time

If you've never read the article "Why Mission Trips Are a Waste of Time" by CSM's President (Noel Becchetti) we encourage you to do so!
"We're going to Ecuador!" The words ring out in a dimly-lit sanctuary. As music pulses, more lights come on and more voices ring out: "We'll be working with our denominational missionaries!" "We're going to repair the roof of their mission house!" "We're going to put on a Bible club for the village children!" The voices? Members of a youth group in a large church in the Pacific Northwest. They were presenting their upcoming mission trip to members of their congregation. Me? I was the guest speaker, brought in to inspire the adults to support their students' summer mission plans. No problem--except that I was in a quandary. What can I honestly say to these people, I thought, when I know that this trip is mostly a waste of everyone's time and money? Read on...

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Don't be afraid to ask the tough questions before going on a short term mission trip! Any thoughts? (Please read the entire article before commenting!)

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