Thursday, August 27, 2015

5,871 Lives Interrupted

5,871 people joined in the work that God's doing through CSM this summer.

Hundreds of ministry partners were able to rely on CSM volunteers to provide critical services to their communities - summer camps, elderly assistance, homeless outreach, food distribution, urban gardening, Vacation Bible Schools AND SO MUCH MORE!

Over a hundred local restaurants received an influx of customers thanks to CSM groups intentionally eating dinners in the communities they are serving in. Many mom and pop shops have been able to keep their doors open because of this increase in business AND our groups get to devour pupusas, pho, tortas, and jerk chicken galore. It's a win-win!

11 cities across the nation experienced an outpouring of love from God's people as they served His people in His name.

We are grateful for each of the 5,871 individuals who sacrificed their time & finances and got out of their comfort zone to see how God could interrupt their lives by loving their neighbors. 

Thank you!

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