Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Words of Encouragement

We received the following, beautiful email from a CSM Boston ministry partner. What an honor it is to partner with them in serving the community!

"One of my pet projects has always been intergenerational programming and this collaboration is a perfect example.

Today, I had 15 delightful, honest, well-mannered and more importantly, respectful, teenagers help one of our seniors pack his home.  I was beyond thrilled with the care and compassion they demonstrated and their ability to respect his extremely valuable antiques, possessions and art work. Not to mention the precise folding of all his clothing.

He was so overwhelmed with the generosity he received, he was moved to tears!  Without you orchestrating this, he would have been unable to make this life transition.  Before you stepped in to help, he had already resigned himself to having to "give away to anyone that wants it" most of his things. 

So that you can further appreciate this, he is an artist.  He taught high school art for 35 years, because he felt that was where it was needed even at the expense of turning down many financially lucrative career opportunities.  Throughout his lifetime he has acquired art from masters, colleagues and students, many of whom are renowned today.  His home is like a museum and the thought that he would have to get rid priceless pieces was devastating to him.

On behalf of myself and our client, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for all you do!!!!  I am so glad I had this chance to be included in a group volunteer project.  It is affirming to know that we can affect positive change, if even only one person at a time."

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