Monday, August 15, 2011

A Prayer of Thanks

Dear God,
What a summer Lord! I can’t believe its over for us in Toronto. I wanted to say “thank you” for this time with CSM, and all that You have done in me and through me with short-term missions. And I wanted to say it out loud, have them written down here so that I will never forget them.
First, thank You for being so good to me. I wasn’t sure what this summer was going to bring; I was afraid of long hours and not having enough energy, and most of all I was worried about not finding the passion for ministry again. You provided good long rest, determined joyful energy, went beyond my expectations, and allowed the joy of ministry, of serving you and others, to grow again in my heart. Why are You mindful of me? Because You are good!
Second, thank You for having a plan for each one of us. Your plan is not cut and dry but it always leads me to encounter You in unexpected ways. I have seen many people come through CSM Toronto, each one because You brought them here and it was Your plan. You taught them something about Yourself, transformed them to be more like Christ, loving You and loving others (its not rocket science!). Your plan for me was to be a part of what You are doing in our city; how You are loving and providing for all of Your creation, without partiality, and lead others to see You in this way as well. How can I not walk further in this plan with You. Because You are sovereign!
Third, thank You for show me that we are all homeless. Homelessness is not only a person without a building to live or a loving and supportive family and security. But it’s an identity, a being, a living and a knowing You as our true Home. Your Son said it best in His parable of The Lost Son: homelessness is a life without the You, our Father. You are the One who gives us our being, purpose and life. The students at CSM Toronto came face to face with their own homelessness this summer, how they have run away from the Home that only You can offer. A Home that they are to welcome others into, to meet Yu and see You as you truly are. A Home with You might not change our circumstances, but it does change one’s perspective about those circumstances as it brings hope. Hope that there is more to life than what is laying before our eyes. Paul said it best: “hope that is seen is not hope; for who hopes for what he already sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, with perseverance we wait eagerly for it”. My hope is found at Home with You, my good and sovereign Father who has a plan for me in Your Kingdom.
Now that this season has ended Lord, don’t let me forget what You have shown and revealed to me. Please continue Your work in me, bring it to completion, until the day of Christ Jesus.
-Adele-Marie, CSM Toronto Summer 2011 City Host

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