Friday, February 11, 2011

Ministry need in Oakland!

You may remember that CSM's Associate City Director in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tara, had begun volunteering with a local school in providing an after-school program (check out that earlier blog entry!)
Here's an update from Tara:
I am writing to update you on something very exciting! A little over a week ago, I was given a date from the West Oakland High school that I have been working at for a performance day! The date was very soon from the date that I was made aware so I have been scrambling to put this event together! My students will be performing the poetry/raps that they have written on February 16th 2011 at 1:00pm. PLEASE PRAY. Pray that God gives divine appointments at this event and that the students are softened.
I have two guest performers coming to the event! Andrew Park from Lotus Bloom Collective and Jermaine from Turf Ministries!!!
This is a moment of God's spirit! Remember this is a public school!
Praise the Lord!

Needs for this event:

2 people to help distribute snacks at tables during the event.

$150.00 for food and drink.

If you can help out with this event please email me with details!

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Jeff said...

Praying all this works out for you.