Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Toronto Ministry Highlight

CSM Toronto partners with a ministry that goes into the homes of Somalian families and tutors children throughout the summer. Many of these families are refugees running from the war that plagues their country.
The Somali people are mainly Muslim, so for us to come in and tutor their children is a big deal. They know that the groups we bring are Christian but they welcome us in and sometimes get flack from their neighbors for letting Christians in their homes.
They believe the only way their children will make it in this culture and stay out of the gang scene is education, so they have their children continue to learn throughout the summer. This is such a ministry opportunity for our groups to live out their faith.
There have been times when family members would openly talk about religion with our groups which have lead to some wonderful conversations about faith.
The ministry that we partnered with has recently expanded their ministry not only to Somali families but to families from Pakistan and India.
This past summer our groups would alternate from Somalian families to families from Pakistan and India.
This year, they want more groups to come. One group would go to the Somalian families and the other group would go to the other families!
Praise the Lord for the expansion of their ministries!! Please pray for this ministry as they expand and pray for CSM Toronto to get more groups in to send to them.
Thanks for your prayers!!!!

-Holly McClement, CSM Toronto City Director

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Jess said...

That is quite possibly the cutest picture ever. This is awesome news about working with refugee populations in this capacity. And I love that it's an opportunity to spend time with people of a different faith without threatening them or intimidating them. Wonderful news Holly!