Monday, November 24, 2008

Evident Changes

I recently received a letter from a leader at Sugarloaf UMC in Georgia. They were our first and biggest group from this past summer. They came the first week of June with 49 students and adults. They do a lot of training with their students before arriving and take the trip very seriously. The letter told me about how the youth group recently did a 40 hour famine where their students prayed over the places they went this summer for an hour each. She said “the changes in them are evident, and it so so clear that God is working in you and your ministry for His glory and we so appreciate the work you are doing”. Below is a letter from one of the students.

“Thank you for taking us in and opening our eyes to the world outside of our own. I felt the struggle of the people and the strength of God all around the city of Philadelphia. I saw hope in people I would normally avoid and now my concern for those such as the homeless has deepened so much. I met many great people in that city and the sense of satisfaction I got from helping them is tremendous. Thanks for everything, and I want to pray for you to be strong and keep doing what you do for that city. Your organization has helped many and changed me as well.”

-Krista Perry, CSM Philadelphia City Director

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