Monday, October 20, 2008

Los Angeles Contrasts

Just last week I was taking our new LA city host, Britani Wade, on our prayer tour. We were both taken aback to see throngs of young, hip people pouring in and out of art galleries on one block and then just one block later, seeing people set up with make-shift shelters for a night of sleep on the streets. It turns out, a few others have noticed this contrast.

A former LA city host, Nenji Yilpet, who has been working with teens on Skid Row, forwarded me this poignant article. A reporter and friend of LAMP (Los Angeles Men's Place) writes about the blatant double standards for the rich and the poor who live on two sides of the same block in downtown LA.

God is calling us to take notice and to take action. I pray God is moving us in our cities, even when it is not a busy season for volunteering.


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