Friday, May 23, 2008

Young People in Action

The St Vincent Day Home, located in the heart of Oakland, CA, is one of CSM San Fran Bay Area’s most popular ministry sites. Since 1911, the Day Home has provided “offers comprehensive child development programs and family services.” ( Groups help in a multitude of ways – playing with children, organizing donations and whatever is needed! Below is an excerpt from their Spring 2008 Newsletter.

Young People in Action

The Day Home was visited recently by a group from Center for Student Missions, a national organization that provides urban mission and service experiences to youth. After their visit, we received a lovely booklet of thanks from the young adults that come to visit and volunteer with us. But truly, all thanks go to them – their smiling faces and interaction with the children add so much to the rich tapestry that is the Day Home.

Here are a few excerpts from the Center for Student Missions students and staff:
“Saint Vincent’s was an excellent experience – I think this was the favorite part of the trip.”
“The kids were so cute and awesome and I believe that your organization will do a lot of good in these kids’ lives.”
“Thank you guys for showing love and compassion to every child you meet. You guys have a huge influence on their lives. Thank you so much for your commitment to what you do. You are awesome.”
“Thanks so much for having us! I loved the positive environment and how friendly you all were. Your kids there are happy and playful. Thanks for giving me this amazing experience.”
“The kids are awesome and fun to be with. Keep this program going!”
“Your children are incredibly sweet and loving and your support for them will lead them on the path to successful, fulfilling lives. Special things are going on at your day care, so keep it up!”

To our friends from Center for Student Missions, we think you are awesome, too!

Learn how you, too, can serve the kids at St Vincent’s Day Home! Check out CSM’s San Francisco Bay Area page!

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