Wednesday, September 05, 2007

CSM Host's Perspective

A day in the life of a CSM staff person is never easy. It’s rarely glamorous and you don’t get a whole lot of sleep. But the rewards and benefits of the job far outweigh all of that. I’m talking about the relationships built, the people served, and the lives changed. This summer I have worked long hours and traveled miles and miles of subways but I would do it over in a heartbeat. I have had the opportunity to lead young students in working with different ministries all over New York City. What CSM provides for students wanting to get more involved in urban ministry is priceless. They get a first hand experience, working with people who live on the streets, who eat in soup kitchens, and who work in food pantries. They get to experience the world in need and are provided with opportunities to help. My hope in coming and serving with CSM this summer was that the students I worked with would not only have a great “mission trip” experience for a week, but that they would have a life-changing moment and realize that serving others is what this life is all about. That they should not only dedicate a week of their time to people in need, but they can devote their lives to those who need help. This is what attracted me to CSM and what I hope will continue to attract others as well.
-Emily Strickler, CSM New York Summer 2007 City Host

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