Thursday, October 08, 2015

Top 7 Reasons You Should Serve with CSM in the Fall!

Summer is an awesome, exciting time for us as a mission organization! But we are committed long-term development and change. Across the nation, CSM sites continue to serve their communities well into the fall, winter and spring.

Right now, we have a great need for more groups to come serve with us this fall! Here are a few reasons why your group should come and serve - whether it's for 24 hours or a full week:
  1. Ministry partners need you! "Our ministry sites are definitely feeling the lack of volunteers that we sent so regularly! Since this is not a popular time to serve, our ministry partners are becoming overworked and need help running program." - CSM Chicago
  2. Beginning of the year bonding "Starting the new school year off with a bonding experience for your group - welcome new younger grades into a youth group with a meaningful experience." - CSM Philadelphia
  3. Partner with brand new ministry partners! "Come and serve in Denver this Fall! Not only is autumn one of the most gorgeous seasons in Denver, we also have some amazing opportunities for your group. We have a brand new ministry partner that we are eager to build a greater connection with this upcoming year. On Saturdays we have the opportunity to go door to door inviting kids to come to a special outreach with games, fun activities and learning how much Jesus loves them.  Come and be a part of this exciting ministry with us!" - CSM Denver
  4. Perfect weather for serving! "With lower, dryer temps we have more opportunity to serve outdoors, go on prayer walks and enjoy city searches without the dreaded summer heat." - CSM Houston 
  5. More opportunities to learn "Fall is the perfect season to dig deeper into justice issues that effect the city. Mission trips are often seen as just being hands-on service, but we also would like to equip, educate, and empower students and leaders to serve at home and abroad." - CSM New York City
  6. Needs continue, though less volunteers come "Volunteerism is down in the fall and so many ministry sites need additional help - especially places like Kids' Meals who makes and delivers lunches to kids in Houston ages 1-5. " - CSM Houston
  7. More opportunities to serve together! "Fall and weekend groups have a unique opportunity where our ministry sites can use 20- 30 participants at one time, instead of our usual max of 11-12. So larger groups will be together and have similar schedules instead being split up for service during the day. " - CSM San Francisco Bay Area

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