Friday, October 24, 2014

Power in Good Intentions + Asking the Right Questions

We all have good intentions, don’t we? Especially when serving the underserved, we can develop grand ideas about what we think are the best ways to help and excitedly implement these ideas without question. 

But maybe we should be asking more questions. Maybe we should inquire of those we’re trying to help, “What do you need most?” instead of guessing needs based on our limited knowledge of each individual’s situation. 

Veronika Scott started asking some good questions of the homeless population in Detroit, and those questions have paved the way for The Empowerment Plan. Instead of simply crafting coats that turn into sleeping bags for the homeless community, The Empowerment Plan employs current or formerly homeless women to make them. Veronika realized that those without homes would answer the question, “What do you need most?” not with “a coat” but “a job.” A job that would eventually be the key to end their homelessness, and inspire new hope for the future.

- Emily Hoffmann, CSM Detroit City Director

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