Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Opening Ears (and Hearts)

Ever since I was a little boy I always thought that being a pastor must be one of the hardest jobs to have. Spending a whole week in preparation for one hour of speaking, reading and re-reading the Bible, and meeting with a lot of people. I had no idea how it could be done.

I had never thought about the fact we have a God who speaks to us and likes to do so. Now, I knew that God spoke to us, but I had thought I pretty much knew what He had to say to me. “Be a good person, serve, love, ...” so at one point I stopped listening in church. I went through the motions and then I would go out and serve without getting filled back up. That was one system that was not really working for me.

Something was different this Sunday at church, though. I decided I was going to be focused about what the pastor had to say. It was amazing. Listening to what God was saying to him about a verse was different than what God was saying to me about the verse.

That is when it clicked for me. We are always learning because our God is a LIVING God who teaches us things all the time. We just have to be open to listening to what He has to say. When I make the choice to open up to what God has to say it makes my week and life so much more enjoyable.

So as this summer is drawing near to a close, I encourage you to be open to what God can teach in the few weeks that we have left. 

It will be life changing.

- Logan, CSM Nashville Summer 2014 City Host

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