Tuesday, February 11, 2014

20 Ways Not Be a Gentrifier in Oakland

Oakland is experiencing revitalization, and it’s exciting to see! However, this revitalization is creating a lot of conversation and concern about gentrification. Often, we see an “us vs. them” mentality between natives and newcomers; but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all came together to make the city we love an even better place to live? Here at CSM, we work with a variety of community organizations working to make Oakland a better place. One of the most important things we see our groups (and hosts!) learning is that people really aren’t so different from one another. Whether we’re serving at a free dining room, talking to someone on the street, or visiting one of our local, family-owned restaurants for dinner, we strive to treat each person like a neighbor - a person with something beautiful to offer this great city.

Take a moment to read this great piece: 20 Ways Not Be a Gentrifier in Oakland

- Jessie Palmatier, CSM San Francisco Bay Area Apprentice

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