Thursday, January 09, 2014

Poverty in America and what YOU can do!

Fifty years ago this week President Johnson declared war on poverty. Since then the National poverty rate has dropped from 26% to about 18%. So, how are we doing in the war and where are the battles still raging? 

CSM partners with hundreds of ministries around the country who are seeking to join with God in ministering in the “battle zones” in a wholistic way. What is encouraging is finding that so many of our partners are right in the midst of high poverty concentration communities caring for the spiritual, social, physical and emotional needs of these communities while also participating in the positive and fruitful efforts that are already making a difference. 

Do you know how the war is going in your city? Here’s a great tool from the NY Times to help you find where poverty persists in your own community. We want to encourage you to discover where people are still living in poverty right in your own front yard, begin to pray for that community and start to imagine ways to engage that community for God’s Sake.

-Dan Reeve, CSM President

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