Thursday, October 10, 2013

Going Deeper

"The most challenging part of my CSM experience was facing my own issues and trying to overcome my prejudices"
These are words from a group leader's evaluation this summer.  Farther down the evaluation, he wrote, " When I get home, I commit to  learn to love others better and to work hard to lose all prejudice toward race, religion, and nationality."


In that moment, I was reminded of the profoundness that can be experienced on a CSM trip.  This group leader came to serve and love, and God called him to go deeper.  It was through his CSM experience, that God revealed to this man the obstacles in his life that keep him from being fully available to God's ministry in this world.

This man left CSM Nashville desiring to love others better.

And THAT is why I love what I do.
- Jes Williams, CSM Nashville City Director

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