Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Carrying Burdens

This past week has been full of wonderful moments and memories. I certainly feel that I am learning and loving Nashville more and more as each week passes.

An example of that this past week: one of our partners in the city reminded my group and myself the importance of carrying others burdens and what that might really look like. In the book of Luke, we are given an image of Christ on his way to Jairus’ home to heal his only daughter as she was dying. A woman, who desperately sought out for his healing as she had been subject to suffering for nearly 12 years, stopped Jesus in the middle of his travels. Jesus surely had somewhere to be, but in that moment he stopped just to hear this woman’s story of suffering. She was healed in that very moment. 

I was so blessed to be able to spend time with our friends at People Loving Nashville this week that do just that on a regular basis. They have shown me that with every meal, we carry and share the burdens of people’s hunger. With every conversation, we have the chance to carry one another’s sorrows and joys. It's a beautiful picture; every night at the War Memorial in Downtown Nashville, seeing a group of diverse and young individuals coming together to break bread and genuinely share life with the least of these. 

There’s healing in carrying burdens, they are showing me just that. I am inspired by this community and am overjoyed to see others loving their city well.

- Corisa, CSM Nashville Summer 2013 City Host

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