Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Life is a Labyrinth

Walking along the pebbled path, weaving between the roughly trimmed hedges, I was hit with the most cliché, yet simultaneously most significant, realization. Life is a labyrinth.

As part of our staff training last weekend, we embarked on a scavenger hunt throughout Houston to familiarize ourselves with the city. Amidst the white noise of the city, the honking cars, the chattering people, the wafting wind, we stopped at a haven of silence: a labyrinth lush with greenery and life in the middle of a concrete jungle. It was when I walked through its twists and turns, reflecting on life and my relationship with God, I became aware that each one of us is given our own maze, with numerous pathways, but one final destination in the center. Sometimes we walk around it aimlessly with our eyes glued on the ground, too preoccupied with little bumps in the road. But with this method, we often forget to look ahead and around at the beautiful things God has planned for our walk with Him.

This past week, my first week of hosting, many times I maintained such a mindset to approaching the life labyrinth. The junior high girls I hosted were an amazing group of people, with so much obvious love and passion for serving the Lord. But along the way, there were several small obstacles that often caused me more stress than they probably should have. Confusion with directions, searches for parking, issues with timing - they all added to the heightening sense of anxiety I felt about hosting. But over the days, as I became more familiar with the rhythm of hosting, the little bumps in the road smoothed out underneath my feet, and I was able to look around and see the amazing ways God was working in the girls.

It was bittersweet to see my first group leave yesterday. It’s beautiful to look back and remember the great times I had with that group of girls as well. I think that through this week, they opened their eyes to see things that they were not familiar with, such as poverty and homelessness, from a different perspective, from a God perspective. For all the times we made a wrong exit on the highway or arrived early or late to a ministry site, it was the journey and the final destination that truly mattered.

Every labyrinth comes with its own obstacles: weeds sprouting out of the ground, rocks in the pathway, or most frustrating: dead ends. Only someone standing not just in the center, but above the center can see the pathways that lead to the final destination. And that someone is God. Through this week, I realized that if we really listen to Him and His direction, that the obstacles will not pose a threat, and that we will be able to navigate our way through this labyrinth of life.

- Cathy, CSM Houston Summer 2013 City Host

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