Thursday, October 18, 2012

Prayertober from CSM Philly

If you're not already a fan of CSM Philadelphia on Facebook, we highly suggest you head on over and "like" them. Throughout the month of October, they will be posting specific ways we can be lifting up the city of Philly and it's people in prayer. Here's the latest update from them...

We interrupt our normal Mon/Wed/Fri Prayertober special for a series of articles published today on our sister city across the river, Camden. Here are som
e of the facts:

  • 77,344 - Population in 2010
  • 124,555 - Population in 1950
  • 42.5 - Percentage of people living beneath the poverty line
  • $21,191 - Median income for families in Camden
  • 1 - Camden's rank among U.S. cities for lowest median income
  • 9,523 - Total "eds and meds" jobs in the city, 2011
  • 952 - Total "eds and meds" jobs held by city residents, 2011
  • 3 - Number of mayors jailed for corruption since 1981
An article on violence in Camden...

Dear Father,
We pray for Camden, a city that has experienced sharp decline in the past fifty years. We ask that you protect the residents and provide better opportunities for the children and families there. We know that in you, there is hope, and we hold to that hope for the people of Camden. May your presence be strong there.

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