Monday, September 17, 2012

This City…of God

The following is a reading that we, as an organization, meditated upon recently. It was compiled by Austin Sauerbrei, CSM Nashville Associate City Director, and is our heart's desire and prayer as a team that stretches across this nation of cities.

You are the God who has set us
in families and clans and tribes,
in communities and finally in cities.
We give you thanks this day that you are
Lord of this city and all cities.

We pray for this city today and for
Boston and Denver.
For New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Nashville.
For Houston, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C., Dana Point and
a thousand other cities.

In all our cities this day there will be crime and sharp moneymaking
and compassion and forgiveness, and generosity,
and regulations about justice and injustice.

Be our God this day and prosper our city.
We pray in the name of the one who wept over the city.

*Adapted from “Prayers for a Privileged People” by Walter Bruggemann

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