Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Responding to the Aurora, CO Tragedy

The shooting early last Friday morning in Aurora is a tragedy that will have many long-term affects. CSM Denver appreciates your prayers as we continue to provide support to our ministry partners across the city and in Aurora. Though CSM's staff and serving groups were not personally affected, we know of several ministry partners who were at the theater and were either hurt or helped those who were hurt. 

Please be in prayer for the victims and their families as they begin to heal. Also, please lift up the many groups coming to serve alongside our community the remainder of this summer and year. We will continue to update our prayer partners on ways you can be supporting both CSM as well as our city.  

Keysha and Jay
CSM Denver Staff

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alisha said...

Keysha - My heart still aches thinking about what happened last week in Aurora. My prayers are with you guys as you comfort those who are hurting and continue to carry God's presence everywhere you go. Lots of love and peace to you!