Monday, May 21, 2012

Denver's Homeless Debate

For the past 2 months Denver officials and homeless advocates have been discussing and debating over a homeless-camping ban that will make it illegal for unauthorized camping in both public and private property in Denver. The new ordinance was passed with a 9-4 vote and was signed by Denver's Mayor on May 14th, to go into effect May 30th. Click here to read an article reporting the vote.  

This controversial discussion has 2 sides, however many homeless advocates are concerned for the growing number of people finding themselves homeless, many for the first time without shelter. Here is an article that explains the growth of Denver's homeless population as well as the need for more shelter across the city.   

Please join us in praying for Denver as this ordinance goes into practice. 

Pray that city officials and advocates would work together to make sure that individuals and families are receiving the services needed to get back on their feet.  

- Keysha Boggess, CSM Denver City Director

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