Monday, April 09, 2012

Living Lent: Jay Fincher

Living Lent: Answering the Call to Love and Serve the City
Throughout the 2012 Lenten season, we will be highlighting a few of CSM's wonderful staff team members and asking the question "Why do you work for CSM?" This week, we introduce Jay Fincher, CSM Denver Staff.

I love working for CSM and serving the city of Denver because the city is a place full of such diverse people trying to find a way to co-exist and, in most cases, peacefully. The problem is, often times, self interest comes before this peaceful coexistence. This kind of self interest, especially when it comes to His church engaging the city, is not in line with Jesus' values. When that "self interest" becomes "injustice", my heart is compelled to seek Him and engage others on that journey.

I love being able to constantly learn about justice issues and having a platform to engage other believers in discussion about these injustices. Justice cannot, and will not, be obtained without Christ. We, as believers, should be the first group of people ready to discuss justice and put it into practice. Oftentimes, we trade Christ's vision of justice for the "Virtue of Selfishness" cloaked in a "you get what you deserve" version of  true justice. By working with CSM, I feel that, though I will never full attain it, I am moving closer to a proper understanding of justice and Christ's love for the marginalized.

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