Wednesday, December 28, 2011

CSM Boston Impact

Over the past year, CSM has had the great opportunity to bring in a handful of "test groups" into the city of Boston. We were blown away by the quality of ministry that is happening here and the great need for extra hands to help the individuals doing God's work. Here are some quotes from the individuals who partnered with us in this new city:

I commit to…
“To be a better steward with what God has given me and to reach out to others more and let God pull me out of my comfort zone.”
“I want to get more involved in service in Boston!”
“To commit more time to actually serve, not just think and pray about it. But to build it into my schedule.”
“I am more committed to being involved in different cultures as they interest me greatly and make life more interesting.”

Words for a ministry site…
St. Luke's-San Lucas 
“I loved St. Lukes – Father Edgar and his time put the scriptures into action.”
“St. Luke’s Church – Father Edgar: I was so inspired and amazed at your ministry and your compassion and hard work toward helping others in your community. God bless and thank you so much!”

Seafarer's Friend
“The pastor/director at Seafarer’s Friend was so passionate about his work. It is his life to serve and give brotherly love. Very inspirational and contagious! I’d love to work with him more.”
“Director at Seafarer’s Friend – Thanks for the help and comfort you give to people you don’t even know.”

Place of Promise
“Place of Promise was a fantastic site. All the kids enjoyed it and it made a deep impact spiritually on many of them.”
“Place of Promise showed us that God can truly bring you through anything.”
“Place of Promise touched me deeply. They were true examples of people living out their faith.”

My favorite part of the trip…
“I never knew about all the problems in my own community and it opened my eyes.”
“I really enjoyed the fact that we were able to actually help someone and make a small difference.”

Learn how YOU can serve with us in Boston!

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edirp Dr.En said...

Wonderful picture! Is that the prudential center? I was at Boston a year back attending univ and I love that place.