Friday, June 17, 2011

A Thought on Great Leadership

“Great leaders emerge. They appear out of, or enter into, the agony and pain and struggle of their day. They meet God somewhere, maybe the backside of a mountain as Moses did, and they get a vision from God. You’ve got to have vision to lead. They get a glimpse of the promise of God. You must be conscious of the fact that God is calling you to carry on the promise. There has to come a time in your pilgrimage when you become conscious that God put you in a specific place, for a specific time and He’s leading you. It’s fearful. It’s painful. It’s too big for you. Moses experienced all of these things. But, like him, you must feel that quiet sense of serenity that God has called you for this moment. It is humbling.”

- Dr. John Perkins, Follow Me to Freedom

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