Thursday, June 30, 2011

Highlights and Prayer Requests from Houston!

Here are some highlights from this past week for you all...

1. I found this amazing coffee ship in Montrose called Agora. Really good coffee and the place looked like a huge wooden cabin/pub in the mountains. We need one of these in Wichita...

2. I have been seeking the Lord so much lately. My faith has already grown so much since being in Houston...

3. Getting to talk to my group leader Dan a lot last week was a blessing. He is definitely someone I will keep in contact with after this summer. As the group was leaving he told me that if I ever come back to Houston I have a place to stay and a church to go to. How incredible...I'm so thankful for him.

4. I had the best cake ever last week. Paul's wife made it and it was a strawberry cake with pureed strawberries in the good...

5. I've been reading psalms every day. I love the way the Lord encourages me with His Word.

6. I got to talk to my boss/mentor Paul for like 30 minutes in the car while it was pouring rain one day. He's so wise and I love talking to that man every chance i get.

7. Yesterday I spent all day at the beach in Galveston. I got burned all over. It hurts but it was a good time..

Thanks for reading, my friends.

Here are some prayer requests that you can pray for if you feel led:

-Pray that I would give God all the glory for the way He works. Sometimes I try to take credit for some awesome things that happen but its all the Lord...He gets all the glory. I am just a vessel.

-Pray that I would use my free time to glorify God and to spend intentional time in the Word and in prayer.

-Pray for my energy and that the Lord would do great things with my group this week.

-Tyler, CSM Houston Summer 2011 City Host

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Steve said...

Pray for energy? Why not just eat, exercise, and then pray for the ability to continue. I've found more specific prayers are more rewarding.