Thursday, May 05, 2011

Speaking up for the marginalized and often-forgotten

Many of us aren't sure what we can do to make a difference. One of our ministry partners here in Washington DC takes time to talk about the struggles of making ends meet when living on the margins specifically to the groups who come to serve.
The advocacy team at SOME helps to educate groups that come and serve, giving us several things we can do to help after we serve a day in their kitchen: volunteer, learn about the people and the problems in your community, talk to others about it, talk to those making decisions about it (making phone calls or sending emails).
Additionally many of our other sites are very educated on the needs of their clients and the way that many times their voices aren't heard. Thrive DC is asking us to get involved to help many of their clients and others who are hurting in DC by using our voice to ask on behalf of our friends and community members who are being affected by decisions being made.
Here's a way for you to be involved from your phone or computer in some decisions being made that will affect DC's homeless.
-Robyn Elmore, CSM Washington DC City Director

Learn how YOU can serve with CSM in Washington DC!

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