Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reaching Out Through the Cold

Finally in Denver we are seeing winter snow. With the beauty of snowflakes falling, we are also reaching very temperatures in the negatives at night. This is definitely a season for warm soup and staying indoors, but some of us don't have that option. The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless has a street team that takes advantage of the cold nights in meeting the needs of the community. Kevin Raleigh, one of those team members, spent Sunday night listening to people's stories and handing out sleeping bags, blankets, gloves, coats, etc to aid those that are bearing the cold weather nights. Sunday night in Denver reached to 2°C, a temperature that many would not survive in without layers and layers of clothes. What an enormous blessing it is for the Colorado Coalition to be helping those on the streets. As Kevin puts it "the majority of homeless persons spent their life being ignored, so it goes a long way when someone shows up and listens" and is meeting some of their immediate needs.
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-Adrienne Bumpers, CSM Denver Associate City Director

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