Friday, January 14, 2011

College Student Processes Serving with CSM Houston

CSM facilitates mission trips in major urban cities. CSM hosts middle/high school youth groups and introduces them to different ministry sites in the city. The emphasis is on relational ministry. While there are some work projects, most of the time will be spent understanding and getting to know God’s people from all walks of life. Some ministry sites focus on homeless, children, medically ill and others. When not at the ministry sites, we share a meal at one of the ethnic restaurants in the city. In the evenings, the city host leads a debrief session where much reflection will take place.
I chose to work with CSM because of the emphasis on the relational ministry. Often times, a mission trip will consist of mostly work projects. CSM is different in that its mission focuses on getting to know, understanding and most of all loving God’s people. It really opened my eyes to the Kingdom of God and allowed me to love people who I would normally pass by on the street. It is such a unique experience for anyone participating in the trip.
My experience with CSM was incredible. From the prayer tour to the last debrief session, I experienced God changing me into the person I was meant to be. I was able to love others more like God loves His people. If I were to come with any stereotypes in my mind, they would have been shattered. I witnessed people coming to accept Jesus as their personal savior. I witnessed people becoming broken for what breaks God’s heart. Finally, I met some of the most incredible people with the most incredible stories.
I learned that I don’t really know someone until I understand where they have come from and I know their story. It is easy to assume things about people but we need to realize that everyone belongs to God.  We shouldn’t assume that anyone is too far gone for the redemption that Jesus Christ provides. 
-Tyler R., CSM Houston Trip Participant

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Jeff said...

I think it's awesome to see this organization involving such young people in ministry. Tyler's story is a wonderful example not only of what Christ can do in us, but what he can do through us (I look forward to reading more such testimonies). And, I appreciate your emphasis on relational ministry. While I think words on a page (like blogs) can be a blessing, nothing takes the place of personal contact.