Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Friends

The Lord has, somewhere along the line, given me a heart for foster youth. My heart was especially heavy for this population in May during CSM staff training. In May, I read a statistic that 70% of foster youth in the Bay Area turn to prostitution, or enter the world of sex trafficking. After this, I led CSM’s 9 interns in prayer for the foster youth in Oakland. Just two weeks later, my pastor announced that we would have 3 young women from foster care living in our church for the summer. This was a transitional set up before they enter college housing in September.
I felt that God was beckoning me to step up and connect deeply with Kayla, Jessie and Tasha*. Since June my friend Ashley and I have hosted 2 family dinners, a Tyler Perry movie night, participated in Jessie’s birthday, saw Jessie baptized, served food in our homeless ministry together, processed with, laughed hard and now have started seeing them off to their college communities. Kayla attends St. Benedict’s in South Carolina, Jessie and Tasha attend CAL State East Bay.
Partner with me in prayer for these beautiful women. God is so good!

-Tara Tremblay, CSM San Francisco Bay Area Associate City Director

*Names have been changed for privacy.

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