Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Junior High=passion of my heart

This last week, 65 junior highers came to call CSM-Houston their home for a week. While many people in our world can't stand junior highers, I absolutely love them and all of their craziness. From the first ten minutes Sunday night, where it sounded like a herd of elephants had moved into our site to the last hour where they were excited about scrubbing toilets, I loved every second of my week with them. It just made me remember how much of a heart I have for junior highers. I loved the way 7th grade girls played basketball in the rain with 20 kids voluntarily. I loved the way they sang ridiculous songs in the van to and from ministry sites. I loved the way they held the children of Ujima. I loved their joyful hearts making hygiene kits at SEARCH. I loved hearing profound God moments and hilarious irrelevant stories that went on forever each day during debriefs. I loved the way they copied my every dance move at the Harbor Light choir concert. Above all, I love the way the Lord works in junior highers lives. I love seeing the huge change the Lord can have in a junior higher's life.
Lord, thank you for junior higher and all the fun they are.
-Crystal, CSM Houston Summer 2010 City Host

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