Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Beauty in Thistles

A ministry that I absolutely LOVE here in Nashville is Thistle Farms. Before I knew what it was, I was sent out with another lovely host, Megan, to pick thistle flowers from the side of the road. It was hot, there weren't many thistles where we went, and I had no idea what picking thistles had to do with anything.

Boy oh Boy has my opinion changed!! Once I actually visited thistle farms I started noticing thistles everywhere and wanted to get out and pick them everytime I saw some. Instead of paraphrasing anything, you should check out the thistle farms website here for a brief summary of Thistle Farms and Magdalene, then come back and finish reading this post.

How beautiful is the symbolism of the thistle? We pick thistles which are ground up, combined with banana leaf pulp, and made into paper which in turn is made into boxes to package the healing oils made at thistle farms. The thistles are prickly and a pesky weed, but what it is made into is something useful and precious. Likewise the women at Magdalene, who once lived in a life of sin and destruction, are going through a process to become functioning members of society and they were/are/always will be Precious to God. I love this ministry so much. I hope that whenever you see a thistle, you will think of this ministry and smile.

God works through the pain and hardships of life to make something beautiful. I love the way he redeems and restores us all!

-Amber, CSM Nashville Summer 2010 City Host

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