Tuesday, May 11, 2010


By Monielle Laney, CSM Washington DC Spring 2010 City Host

Spring term
I learned
Everything I thought I kinda knew
I kinda knew…
But Jesus peeped me to something’s that kinda new
Social justice, love of Christ through service pointing to the Gospel
Noticing my heart in particular areas veered on the side of hostile
So costly
But Jesus wrecked shop when He caught me
bought me coffee and then we sat down and had a heart to heart
so it starts
put me in a position to host the city of DC
introduced me to Jason, Tasha & Kristen and invoked my heart to listen
watching closely to see the importance of having quiet time
learning the city, learning its heartbeat, learning the people, learning to pray
being discipled by Kristen in a gentle manner of sorts
learning that a reputation built around Christ is a good report
putting hands to the plow, cooking breakfast, conversation, and feeding the hungry
seeing the picture of Christ in the scriptures feeding His sheep
developing compassion for the lost, not caring about dirty hands and smells
wanting to meet a need and give of my time for no cost at all
forming relationships
developing patience
discovering mission, establishing my position and descriptions of ministry
understanding what it is not
understanding what is is
understanding what it needs to be
seeing smiles, laughter and hugs
giving of myself, unprotected and allowing people in my heart
and noticing where I’m prideful
noticing where I’m weak
noticing where I’m strong
learning to plant the seeds
watching my leaders be an example of how to love
watching my leaders be an example of how to live
watching my leaders and taking their cue that serving is not about you
serving is not about me
serving is outside of me
whatever I’m given, its not for the purpose of keeping it hidden but teaching the younger
to hunger and be in wonder of the grace of our Lord
not looking down on the poor
or turning our heads to the needy
giving the kids our attention
instead of with our affection, being greedy
and keeping it to ourselves
I learned to give it away
I care about these people. I want to see them grow
Through my life see the Savior, so Him they’ll want to know
I’ve learned how to live
A concept I didn’t have a grip on
There’s much more that’s hard to express but…
I’ve learned to keep it simple and the value of selfless friendship
CSM has been a springboard that’s pointed me to our Lord
That’s outside of the stained glass and beyond the Church doors.

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