Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Future of Short-Term Missions: An interview with Paul Borthwick

RoundTripMissions.com recently posted a great interview with missions expert, Paul Borthwick. Check it out!

Here's one of our favorite questions/answers:
If you could advise church leaders to do any one thing before a trip to prepare their teams for success, what would it be?

The most important thing is to get people involved in some kind of local cross-cultural ministry, so that they don’t have to go 10,000 miles to find out they don’t like folks from other cultures. I live in New England, and many teams go from our area to Haiti, totally overlooking the fact that Boston has the third-largest population of Haitians in North America. Why is it that we’re so willing to serve in the Caribbean when we aren’t willing to serve across town?

Churches should provide some sort of local cross-cultural service before a trip—you can call it a “simulation.” People will see if they have what it takes for ministry to other people groups. When they go overseas, they’ll be more culturally sensitive and possess the attitude of a servant.

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