Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year, New Beginnings

Here are a few resolutions some of our trip participants made this past year:
From Chicago
“One of our students, Cori, was so moved by her experience in Chicago that she decided that she wanted to do a VBS for kids in the poorer section of our town. So in less than three weeks, she organized everything, from lining up Bible story teachers and volunteers, to developing a schedule, to getting small groups to commit to provide food, to shopping for all the supplies, to getting her friends to do everything (games, crafts, etc.). She had anywhere from 12-20 kids attend each of the four days. I couldn't be more proud of her!”

From Houston
When I get home, I commit to…
"Not letting my stereotypes rise up again, and I will remember to pray for the organizations at work in Houston. Also, I will remember the passion that was re-instilled to teach in the inner-city."
"Living life closer to God. Mission trips bring me closer to God and I can do that anytime."
"Hearing people’s stories and not judging before I get the whole story, not just what I see."

From Nashville

When I get home, I commit to…
“Starting a ministry similar to Isaiah 58 – the mobile feeding ministry”

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